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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and other market transactions are complex, time-critical and highly specialized.

M&A and Transaction Solutions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and other market transactions are complex, time-critical and highly specialized. M&A and finance professionals need partners who understand their goals and challenges and bring robust knowledge of deal sourcing, transaction processes, and investment strategies.

Aon is that partner.

Secure Investments and Enhance Returns

It is crucial for businesses to assess and navigate M&A deals and complex financial risks across industries and the globe at every stage of the deal lifecycle. Aon helps corporations, private equity, legal and financial advisors, and investors to deliver results that improve deal and business outcomes.

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  • Corporations

    Aon helps corporations achieve their goals, drive capital efficiencies and optimize balance sheets by solving wide-ranging deal and financial risks through specialized due diligence, M&A and financial risk insurance and human capital, digital, cyber and intellectual property M&A solutions.

  • Financial Sponsors

    Aon helps secure investments, maximize deal value and drive transaction success by solving wide-ranging issues facing financial sponsors throughout the deal lifecycle and across their portfolio companies.

  • M&A Advisors

    Aon brings a deeply experienced cross-disciplinary team, including legal, M&A, tax, cyber, intellectual property, people and ESG. We become an extension of your team to help you solve wide-ranging issues your clients face and help you deliver results that transform risk into opportunity.

Specialized Transactions (3)

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  • Carveouts and Spinoffs

    Aon’s dedicated carve-out delivers globally coordinated and multi-disciplined solutions to help both sellers and buyers that can reduce the likelihood of delays and execution problems that drive up costs and diminish value.

  • Distressed Transactions

    As buyers move into an environment where distressed deals become more prevalent, it is critical to understand broad risks through thorough due diligence and consider leveraging insurance capital to help increase asset values and streamline deal matters for all parties involved.

  • Secondary Funds

    Aon’s dedicated global Secondary Transactions team brings multi-national coordination with local experience that enables financial sponsors and their investors to allocate risk to bespoke insurance markets and help secure their private equity investments.

M&A Solutions (7)

7 Solutions

  • Representations and Warranties Insurance

    Representations and warranties insurance allows sellers to realize cash on day one and buyers to retain commercial recourse. Aon supports your deal with a global team of experienced former practicing M&A lawyers and professionals who expertly manage your transaction through the entire process.

  • Tax Risk Management

    Aon’s Tax Insurance team delivers unparalleled knowledge and experience to guide clients in protecting against an adverse tax ruling that can compromise the value of a transaction, a tax equity position or earnings.

  • Litigation Risk Insurance

    Aon’s team brings deep litigation and litigation funding experience and delivers guidance and capital solutions to help protect businesses from catastrophic judgments, reversals on appeal or other adverse outcomes.

  • Specialized Deal Diligence

    Aon brings together a deeply experienced team of intellectual property experts, cyber security specialists, and M&A, insurance and human capital professionals to provide the broadest view of risk in the industry to conduct comprehensive deal diligence and improve deal outcomes.

  • Cyber Due Diligence

    In this ever-evolving landscape, M&A clients rely on Aon as a partner with deep cyber security expertise to address ongoing cyber risks no matter how complex the challenge, all tailored to our client’s deal-flow timelines and exiting portfolio requirements.

  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence

    Aon has changed how companies can realize the full value of their IP, whether they are looking to pursue M&A or raise equity or debt capital. Our Intellectual Property Solutions team helps clients protect and maximize their most valuable asset in today’s business world – their intellectual property.

  • People Strategy for M&A

    Human resource considerations are a critical component of a successful transaction and key to strategically integrating people into the business, requiring dealmakers and acquisitive companies to analyze talent, people programs and communications to capture value and improve deal outcomes.

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