Post-Hire Talent Assessment

Post-Hire Talent Assessment

Learn how your organization can benefit from post-hire talent assessment. 

Talent Development with Assessments: Retain and Engage Your Workforce

Do you know how to unlock the potential of your employees? Are you creating an engaging employee experience? How do you retain your top-performing employees?

The Challenge of Retaining your Workforce

As the demographics of the workforce change and markets shift, so do employees’ expectations of the world of work. People leaders and the entire HR function must do all they can, to support employees in their career. This creates a better employee experience and positive Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

This is where talent development assessments step in. These are designed to help employees and organizations identify development opportunities. Talent development assessments provide employees with more support and guidance, helping them to fulfil their potential within your organization.

Promote Internal Talent Mobility with Aon’s Pathfinder

Why let your top performers leave for the competition? By offering your most valuable employees a wide selection of functions to explore, they can identify their own career path at your company. Plus, you will get a deeper understanding of your talent pool, its gaps and untapped potential.

Our modular talent mobility platform, Pathfinder, transforms how employees understand possible career paths and progression within an organization.

Build an Internal Talent Mobility Strategy

How well do you know your workforce's strengths? Have you identified any talent gaps for now or in the future? Where is the untapped potential?

Pathfinder helps you create new opportunities for growth by assessing your employees’ experience, motives, work-related behavior and cognitive abilities. Psychometrically valid, objective talent assessments ensure reliable results — handing you data insights for talent audits and workforce planning.

Career Guidance for Employees

By using our intuitive, tailor-made and mobile-optimized interface, employees can explore their potential career paths at your company.

Pathfinder assesses an employee’s experience, motivations, work-related behaviors, cognitive ability and the way they learn new skills. This generates a report with actionable development guidance for employees.

Features of Aon's Pathfinder Platform

Psychometrically valid, objective talent assessments; Customizable for your organization; Data insights for future workforce planning; Seamless integration into your workflow; Mobile-first user interface; Actionable development tips for employees; Recommends “People-Position” matches

Enabling HR to achieve better results

Aon’s talent mobility assessments, embedded in Pathfinder, support you by:

  • Reducing turnover by helping colleagues identify new career paths
  • Offering a fair way to assess your workforce, supporting diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Improving the employee experience, leading to better satisfaction scores, a positive component of your overall employee value proposition
Why Choose Aon for Talent Development Assessments?
  • 30M+

    assessments deployed each year.

  • 40+

    languages serviced.

  • 500+

    colleagues with assessment expertise.

How to Identify Future People Managers?

A key step in many careers is taking on management responsibilities. Therefore, organizations need to prepare colleagues for leadership. At the same time, comprehensive strategies are required to define what the workforce and management need to look like to ensure future success.

  • Find Tomorrow’s Leaders

    Understanding what it takes to be a great leader has always been a challenge and it is getting even harder in today’s increasingly complex world. The leaders of tomorrow need to have traditional leadership behaviors — plus embrace the opportunities of change.

    Aon’s talent assessment solutions provide you with a way to measure your team’s ability to learn, adapt to changes and challenges, and seek out new skills and experiences at work.

  • Build Your Talent Development Plan

    Which leadership skills and competencies are needed to meet your future challenges? Our team of business psychologists can help you design and implement a talent development plan. Here are some of the factors we examine:

    Organizational Factors
    • Benchmark employees’ capabilities and give actionable feedback to unlock individual employee’s growth potential.
    • Select your high potential employees and future leaders.
    • Retain top performers by investing in those who are likely to perform and stay.
    Individual Factors
    • Encourage your people to take ownership and drive their development through career mobility tools.
    • Foster a culture of learning and development by giving everyone growth opportunities.
    • Enable all team members to realize their own potential with transparent criteria and career paths.

    Here are some examples of results we have achieved for organizations .

How to Identify and Prepare the Best Candidates for People Management

Aon's People Manager Model helps identify the best candidates for people management and prepare them for success. Here are some of the key areas our People Manager Model addresses:

  • Focus on Skills
    • Find the individuals who have the skills to lead.
    • Upskill managers with hybrid roles to lead virtual teams more effectively.
    • Address skills gaps by enabling people managers to practice having difficult conversations.
  • Find the Right People-Managers
    • Quickly identify those likely to succeed by comparing candidates to success profiles of the people manager role.
    • Reduce recruiter interview time by screening out incompatible candidates and reduce time-to-hire.
  • Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B)
    • Foster wellbeing and promote inclusivity to improve the employee experience.
    • Use DEI&B frameworks to develop and refine the behaviors that lead to stronger teams.

How to Prepare Employees for Senior Leadership?

Talent assessment plays an important role in evaluating leadership potential. To meet today’s workforce challenges, organizations need to evolve their talent development strategy to meet new leadership requirements and new skills.

Talent Assessment for Senior Leadership
  • Build Role Profile: Map individual profile to a future leader. A traditional leadership model may be outdated and unlikely to be suitable in the future.
  • Assess: All the relevant aspects of personality, motivation, behavior and ability are explored during the assessment.
  • Create a Roadmap for Development: The assessment provides you and your future senior leaders with an accurate and insightful summary of strengths and guidance for future development.

Aon’s talent development solutions for identifying and preparing all managers and leaders are built on extensive scientific research. This ensures they are robust, relevant and will secure backing from the C-Suite.

Aon’s solutions strengthen talent development through psychometric assessments that are:

  • 01


    Assessment tools are multilingual and cross-culturally valid.

  • 02


    Easy to configure with end-to-end solutions, sync with third party technologies, and scale with ease.

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