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Risk Transfer

We assist clients with their insurance buying decisions, aiming to optimize the balance of risk transfer and retention financing through valuation and analysis.

Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Risk Transfer

Insurance remains a key risk transfer tool in most organizations, but all too often, off-the-shelf insurance products purchased by organizations don't address specific underlying risks and, as such, may not achieve an optimum risk transfer. Even if the product fits well initially, the challenge is to ensure that changes in the organization’s risk profile feed into the product design and selection.

This is where a thorough risk analysis process becomes essential to determine key areas of risk, their financial impact, and the necessary coverage limits required for insurance.

At Aon, we bring extensive global market relationships, broking experience, and analytical tools to help our clients by delivering an optimal risk transfer program. Aon leverages proprietary data and analytics to provide custom risk transfer and mitigation guidance to help organizations better identify and quantify their risk exposure.

By taking a comprehensive approach that considers changes to an organization's risk profile, we design insurance solutions that strive to achieve an optimum risk transfer for businesses across all industries.

Explore Our Risk Transfer Offerings

Management Liability (5)

5 Solutions

  • Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance

    Aon helps corporations and public companies design and implement directors’ and officers’ (D&O) insurance that fits their business with the broadest coverage available.

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    Employment practices liability insurance addresses specialized liability risks arising from actual or alleged wrongdoing at work, including wrongful termination or constructive discharge, sexual and non-sexual harassment, discrimination and employment-related negligent hiring.

  • Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance

    Errors and omission liability insurance (also known as professional liability and sometimes professional indemnity) is a client-facing liability risk impacting service providers. 

  • Fidelity and Crime Liability Insurance

    Aon provides fidelity and crime insurance, which protects organizations against direct loss from dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by their employees.  

  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    Fiduciary liability insurance primarily serves to protect employee benefit plan fiduciaries – individuals with discretionary authority for the management or administration of an employee benefit plan subject to ERISA or who exercise authority or control in managing or disposing of its assets.

Property and Casualty (4)

4 Solutions

  • BI Valuation

    Business interruption valuation (BI valuation) helps organizations determine the value of the potential financial losses they are exposed to if unforeseen disruptions like natural disasters, supply chain disruption, property damage, political upheaval, or disease hit their operations.

  • Casualty Risk Management and Insurance

    Commercial casualty insurance generally refers to a broad range of insurance coverages that protect a business against liability claims that involve property damage to others, loss of property, and injury.

  • Parametric Insurance

    Explore how Aon’s parametric insurance solutions can offer an alternative to traditional indemnity and help manage your total cost of risk using data-driven models.

  • Property Risk Management

    A proactive approach to property risk management integrates a complete view of an organization’s financial foundation and risk appetite while considering key market dynamics.

Specialty Products (7)

7 Solutions

  • Commercial Surety

    Today’s competitive landscape, coupled with a volatile economic outlook, demands surety program certainty and sustainability. An efficient bond program can enhance corporate liquidity and maximize working capital.

  • Credit Solutions

    Credit solutions, including trade credit insurance, political risk insurance and surety services are critical tools for companies developing sustainable growth strategies.

  • Crisis Management

    Aon’s Global Crisis Solutions team helps organizations prepare for crisis events involving people, property and products by providing consultative risk mitigation and placement strategies.

  • Cyber Insurance

    Cyber insurance is critical to an organization’s overall cyber risk management strategy. It is intended to provide organizations with better protection against the financial risk posed by cyber security threats such as ransomware and data breaches.

  • Environmental Insurance

    Aon’s environmental specialists take a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating engineering, underwriting and claims support to help identify exposures and assess potential environmental liabilities.

  • Financial Lines and Professional Services

    Our Financial Lines and Professional Services practice supports the provision of key specialty insurance products across multiple industries and provides industry-specific risk and human capital solutions for professional service firms.

  • IP Liability Insurance

    In today’s economy, where intangible assets are an increasingly large part of corporate balance sheets, companies of all sizes in all industries can benefit significantly from strong IP liability protection.

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