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Technology, Media and Communications

Seizing Opportunities in a Fast-Moving Environment

After a long run of rapid growth and relatively easy access to capital, the technology, media and communications industry faces growing headwinds and rising volatility. Business disruptions, changes in the way people consume content, cyber attacks, industry consolidation, intellectual property risks, mergers and acquisitions, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, and post-pandemic workforce issues all threaten operational resiliency and profitability.

Yet, while demographic, economic and geopolitical trends are converging to create an incredibly challenging operating environment, this is an exciting moment for business leaders who can manage risk, harness new technologies, and engage their people to capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

At Aon, our teams have deep experience across all segments of the technology, media and communications industry—including content and digital platforms, semiconductors, software and hardware firms, and telecommunications—and we partner with clients to navigate complex risks, cyber threats, intellectual property disputes, reputational crises, shifting talent needs, and more, to protect assets, optimize performance, and achieve strategic objectives.


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