Workforce Resilience

Business resilience starts with workforce resilience, as organizations are only as strong as their people.

Organizations are only as strong as their workforces. As businesses continue to adapt to change, their success depends on the strength and agility of their workforce to manage through and rebound from today’s setbacks while also preparing for tomorrow. From talent attraction, retention and development, to inclusion and diversity and an employee’s personal health, emotional and financial wellbeing — what were once seen as human resource challenges have now become C-Suite imperatives and critical to future-proofing an organization.

Insights to Make Better Workforce Decisions

Around the globe, our teams connect with clients on a regular basis to generate data and insights that help organizations make better workforce decisions. Recent findings include:

  • 10%

    Reskilling employees often costs less than 10% of their salary, while replacing workers can cost more than 100% of base pay.

    Source: Aon's Global HR Pulse Survey on Managing the Great Resignation

  • 70%

    While wellbeing programs are widespread and continue to expand, 70% of employees consistently struggle with resilience.

    Source: Aon's Rising Resilient Report

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